Bossers Training Development Int.

How do you arrange for employees to have up-to-date knowledge? How are employees able to keep developing adequately in a continuously changing environment? And, when employees have the appropriate knowledge and expertise, how do you ensure these lead to the right results?

Generating and optimising knowledge and skills to achieve organisation results. In short, Learning & Development is our area of expertise. Based on solid learning and development expertise, we carry out assignments for companies, government organisations and training institutes.

Training development

A training need can originate from organisation developments, such as a new policy, new products or the introduction of new services.

Blended learning

BTDI has designed and developed a number of blended learning programmes. We incorporate different learning methods in blended learning, including e-learning, group training sessions and on-the-job training.

Systems training

When clients implement new CRM software or for instance introduce an ERP programme (Enterprise Resource Planning), this usually implicates a huge change for the employees.

Interim L&D

We also offer learning and development support on a temporary basis, to support learning specialists, HRD professionals and to reinforce training projects.

Organisation development

Sometimes client requests for developing a learning programme, turn out to involve an important organisational change as well.


Our clients’ specific organisation issues are the starting point for the development of learning programmes. Focus of our approach is the development of employees within the context of the organisation development strategy. It is important that employees learn what is required for their work and at the same time develop as an individual.

Learning methods also play an important role in the motivation for professionalization. Sometimes formal learning is a small incentive for employees – training programmes are a means to explore and develop one’s talents.

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