Training development

A training need can originate from organisation developments, such as a new policy, new products or the introduction of new services. Together with our client we analyse the basis for the training need and the learning needs, propose a general solution and work this out into more detail. By adequately attuning the solution to the employees and organisation, transfer of learning results to the work practice is optimised. If employees experience the value of what they learn for their job, participating is both more motivating and more effective. We usually work together with subject matter specialists in the organisation. They know the organisation as well as the work content best. Using examples from the own organisation and work practice increases the effect of learning.

Development solutions may be complete curricula, but may also for example consist of workshops, training courses and introduction programmes. In addition to the design and development of the training structure, we develop the learning materials for the programmes, such as:

  • Manuals
  • Trainer guides and trainee material
  • Internship workbooks and coaching manuals
  • Job aids and work process instructions
  • Tests and exams