Blended learning

Our client organisation was involved in a large-scale project involving the implementation of a new customer relationship management system. Almost 30.000 end users had to learn how to work with the new software. Advisors from the central organisation supported the local office in the implementation approach and activities. A number of selected employees working in a local office were responsible for the training and coaching of the colleagues in working with the programme (Super Users). A system learning environment was available for the advisors and the Super Users, enabling them to thoroughly learn the system. Several e-learning modules have been developed for the end users, to learn to work with the new CRM software, during on-the-job training sessions coached by the Super Users.

BTDI has designed training programmes for the advisors and Super Users, tailored to their job requirements, including consultancy, instruction and coaching skills. For each training a trainer guide, Powerpoint presentation and trainee workbooks were developed.