Interim L&D

An L&D specialist from BTDI has filled the position of the regular Manager L&D responsible for the Summer School of a large multinational accountancy firm, during her maternity leave. The assignment included managing the organisation and planning of the Summer School and the design of the curriculum. Main responsibilities were leading/facilitating development day and the subsequent coordination of the development of the modules. Parallel to the development work, the interim Manager L&D was involved in managing the course administration and organisation of the Summer School.

The Summer School target group consists of a number of different position levels, varying from senior associate to partner/director. Subject matter experts from the central office have defined the design of several modules during “development day”, facilitated by the interim Manager L&D. A business game was part of the 4-day curriculum. The game was carried out in mixed teams, the objective was to experience and learn that teams working together, both within the team and with other teams, are the winning teams and most successful from a commercial perspective.

(Working languages: Dutch and English)