Systems training

ERP Process training

A new ERP programme was implemented for an international service- and trading organisation. This meant a major change in work processes for the operational companies in the Netherlands and three other European countries. For the different product groups, work process training courses are developed, including trainer guides and PowerPoint presentations as well as assessment questions. (Working language: English)

Systems training

For a bank we have developed systems training, to prepare the employees for the introduction of a number of new products and systems,

The employees are trained in working with the new system in two system learning environments, copied directly from the real life systems, that will be used in daily practice. In these environments client files are included with virtual client data. In co-operation with a subject matter expert client cases and assignments were developed. For the systems training a trainer guide, presentation and trainee system work book are designed en developed.

In an additional assignment, the training programmes were translated into a training plan and developed into a complete programme for new employees, including diagnostic tests.

Activities among others included the structure/blueprint of the training programme and the development of an e-learning about the new products.